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I’ve always been afraid of change.
Maybe fear isn’t the right way to describe it, but I’ve been resistant to change.
Reluctant to upset the balance of things.
Nervous to veer away from what’s comfortable, what’s familiar, what’s secure.
But things have been changing. They’ve been changing pretty rapidly and I think I’m learning to go along with it.
In the space of a few months, I’ve started a new job and moved house – just a couple of tiny changes there!
And I’ve been allowing myself to be a bit picky, and choose to spend time with and talk to the people who matter most.
And do the things I really enjoy, not just the things expected of me, because they’re ‘what I’ve always done’.
Will I ever be the most impulsive person in the world, or not be a stickler for planning, or throw all caution to the wind and be completely reckless? No. But what I will do is say ‘yes’.
Yes to exploring.
Yes to adventuring.
Yes to wondering, and to wandering.
Yes to the changes which are changes for the be…