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Graduation: Two Years On

A few days ago (on 10th July), it was exactly two years since the day of my graduation ceremony. I studied English Literature at the University of York.
My Instagram and Twitter feeds at the moment are covered with proud pictures of new graduates, the latest group of people who have succeeded, and completed the next stage in their education.

It’s got me thinking back over that period, and over the three years which led up to that day, for me.
It’s a funny old thing, graduation.
There’s pride: you did it!
There’s excitement: many people see it as an important life stage. Plus you get a cap and gown.
There’s love: people are there with family and loved ones, and surrounded by their course mates.
And then these feelings are all mixed in with uncertainty.
How did I manage that?
What next?
Where now?
I have to LEAVE this place and these people?

For many that choose to go to university, it’s the next stage in a mapped-out process: primary school, high school, sixth form/college, degree. We…

23 Years, 23 Lessons.

On 7th July, I turned 23, and after an amazing week of enjoying my birthday, I’m feeling somewhat reflective. 
I’m planning, I’m thinking, I’m sorting through my thoughts. 
And whilst I process these thoughts, for today, here’s a list of some of the 23 ‘life lessons’ I feel I’ve learned over the last 23 years.

1. Real friendships take work, and effort to maintain.
2. Don’t be afraid to drift away from friendships that leave you feeling drained, or tired, or not valued.
3. You won’t always understand every decision those around you make… But if you care about them, support them.
4. Some people will have very different views to you on a whole range of things, and that’s ok.
5. The path that’s right for one person isn’t necessarily right for you.
6. It’s ok not to have absolutely everything figured out. Most people don’t.
7. Work hard. It will pay off in the end.
8. Making mistakes is fine, as long as you learn from them.
9. Alone time is important. Don’t feel bad for taking a little ti…