What Sophie Said

I'm Sophie, I'm 20, and I'm in my final year of an English Literature degree. For the last year, I've been writing a blog of arts and events reviews, and discovered a bit of a love for using writing to get my opinions out. So. Time for a new blog. This will be my space for discussing current events, trending twitter topics, and the annoying people on the bus you love to hate. My family might say I get a bit too wound up about certain things. I like to think I'm 'passionate about what I believe in'. I don't pretend to be an expert on all I write about, but I definitely have ideas to share. Because I'm just an ordinary girl in her twenties. I love time with friends, I'm reluctant to write essays. I'll judge what people wear when they walk past in the street (don't pretend you don't too), and I have to force myself to go to the gym. I read heavy university books of literary theory, and I love a glossy magazine. What's most important to me is being clued up, knowing what's happening, and thinking about how I'm going to respond to that. Whether the issue is newsworthy or trivial. So here goes, new year (a month late, in February), new blog. Time to get started!


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