The Challenges #2 January 2014

This month’s challenge relates to one of my 2014 goals and resolutions, and is all about beginning to take control of my panicking. I’m not going to begin a lengthy discussion on it right now, but something needs to change!
Therefore, I have a few steps I plan to take during the month of January:
Tomorrow I’m going to the doctors to discuss some talking therapy, and any other advice he may have
I’m going to decide with my sister where and when we will do yoga, and begin a class once a week
I will regularly return to my online CBT modules – 2 modules per week - which really made a difference when I began them in March of last year
I will begin to read and try some of the exercises in the Mindfulness book I picked up at the weekend
So there we have it. It’s time to start making a difference and getting back in control. January’s challenge is well and truly underway, and I know it is one that is getting me into long-term good habits.
I’ll update you in February as to how this particular list has gone!
Sophie x


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