The Challenge Results #2 January 2014

Time for my next challenge update! January’s goals were focused on beginning to take control of my panicking, and trying to take positive steps forward, and I’ve had mixed success.

Point number one was to go to the doctors, chat about what’s going on, and discuss some kind of talking therapy. I did that, and was lucky to get a great doctor, who immediately made me feel so calm. He referred me to a local place for some CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy). I’ve had one session so far, but may write about it in a little more depth once I’m really starting to learn any techniques, or can see it making a difference. This was definitely a massive step to take, so I’m really pleased about that.

Point two was yoga, and that one has just not happened. I do have a tendency, whilst I’m worrying so much, to put off certain things. It’s something I’m trying to sort out, but this was something that fell by the wayside. I got as far as emailing to confirm the times of a local class, but on hearing that one was full I let it slip by the wayside. I’m a bit cross with myself about that one.

Point three was about my online CBT modules. I actually decided with my doctor it was best, for now, to focus on the CBT I’m receiving in my one-to-one sessions, as it avoids getting any conflicting advice or techniques. I know those resources are still there if I need them, though.

I’ve begun to read my mindfulness book, and am enjoying that so far. I can definitely see the benefits of taking that time out regularly, and plan to carry that on.

As I said, mixed success, but this month was going to be a hard one. The positives to be taken from it are that I’ve started the CBT, and hopefully am now on the right path. I also started my driving lessons!! That was one of my resolutions for the year as a whole, so I’m on track with that one.

This feels like it’s been a little heavy, but it can help to write everything down! How did your January go?

Sophie x


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