The Challenge #6: May 2014

The beginning of a new month means it’s time for a new challenge, and this one revolves around food.

When it comes to lunches, I’m really fussy. I don’t like a huge variety of sandwich fillings, or a lot of typical dressings like mayonnaise. This makes my typical lunches – I take a packed lunch to work each day - very uninspiring and repetitive. I want to try and break out of this trap, and cut down on the amount of bread I’m taking as lunches, in favour of other alternatives.

Realistically, you can’t change everything overnight, so this month’s challenge is:

Try out two new lunch options per week.

This could be leftovers of different meals, salads, wraps… I’m currently on the hunt for inspiration! If I can do more than this, great, but the aim is at least 8 new ideas.

As always, I’ll be taking pictures and filling you in at the end of the month.

Do you have any tips? What are your favourite lunches? 


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