Everything's Changing...

For me, September has always felt like more of a ‘New Year’ than January, probably because of the way the academic years were arranged at school and university.

So with that in mind, tomorrow is day number one of a new year.

I’m in a very, very different place to where I was this time last year. I’m not going to ramble on, but I want to highlight a couple of things so I can look back at it this time next year.

I’m returning to this lovely little blog space, having fallen out of love with it for a while when my head was feeling muddled by a lot of things.

I’m making a lot of plans work-wise, looking ahead and pushing myself.

I’m finally learning to drive, and with my theory done I just need to get the practical test out of the way.

I’m no longer in the relationship I was in this time last year. It had lasted for five and a half years, but you’re a very different person when you’re 16 compared to when you’re 22, and for this place I’m in now, certain things were no longer working.

I’m making huge steps forward with my anxiety. In about October it really returned with a vengeance, and I had a pretty awful time of it. It’s taken a lot of support, a lot of hard work and a lot of pushing myself, but I’m feeling in a better place with it than I have for a long time.

I’m aware of who my friends are. The true friends. Because whilst my anxiety took control of a fairly large portion of the last year or so, it actually taught me a lot about myself, and the people I have around me. Some of my friends went, and still do go, above and beyond to help with my panicking and troubles with eating, and the strength of some of those friendships now has been overwhelming.


Onwards and upwards.

Something I’ve heard a lot recently is ‘I feel like I’ve got my old Sophie back’. From my parents, other family members, friends…

But it’s not just the old Sophie. It’s a Sophie who has learned a lot about herself, who has had some pretty rubbish times, but through overcoming those has learned what she wants out of each day.
And for those lessons I can surely only be grateful.

Tomorrow brings with it a ‘New Year’. I’m 22, I’m finally beginning to learn who I am, and I’m ready for everything that lies ahead.

Let’s go.


  1. Really hope you are okay and things have got better for you now! I am in a similar position my self, it can be quite hard to try and look forward and to think positive at times! All the best for you and hope you are happy :)



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