Eating Italian

It’s no secret that I love Italian food. It’s always my default, and especially when eating out there just seems to be something for everyone.

Here’s a rundown of three places I’ve loved eating at recently.

Spaghetti House

Spaghetti House have numerous locations across London and I’ve been consistently impressed. I’ve found there’s occasionally slow service, but the quality of the food is brilliant.

On this particular visit, we sampled the garlic bread (the best I’ve had anywhere), a burger and chips, and classic tomato and basil spaghetti.

With pasta made fresh and beautiful ingredients, this is a chain I know I’ll keep returning to.


I stumbled across L’Ulivo on a day out with my parents, and it turned out to be a great discovery. We went at a late summer’s lunchtime, and sat outside near busy Leicester Square.

Although the service was a little slow, the meals were delicious. My pasta was full of perfectly roasted vegetables, my dad’s pizza was beautifully cooked, and mum was certainly happy with her huge portion of spaghetti Bolognese.

This made a lovely alternative to always heading to the chain restaurants – much as I’m a fan, it’s nice to try somewhere new!


A personal favourite. It’s that bit more special than a couple of the other well-known Italian chains, but still reasonably priced and with a lovely atmosphere. I’ve visited multiple times and always found the staff to be really friendly.

On one pre-theatre visit with my parents (we were off to see Memphis), we ended up getting just the meal we needed.

After burgers and pizzas, my parents enjoyed mini desserts with their coffees, which is always a good alternative to having to buy a huge dessert.

Where are your favourite Italian restaurants in London? I’m on the hunt to discover many more!

And what’s your favourite cuisine?


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