Hello, November

Where did you come from?

I feel like we only just welcomed in October. Seconds later, it was gone.

This year has absolutely flown by. Everyone’s saying it, and I’m going to say it again.

I can’t even think what happened in October. I know over the past few months I’ve been to the theatre a lot, as anyone who knows me or follows me on Twitter will know.

I’ve been working.

I’ve been continuing to get into the swing of London life.

I’ve been seeing friends.

I headed home for a weekend to see my dad for his birthday (I’ve just got home, he was a Halloween baby!)

 Just getting on with day-to-day life really.

The days are strange at the moment. When I look back, time is flying by, but the days themselves whilst I’m in them seem to stretch on forever. I think the clock change definitely played a part in that, as last week I was completely out of sync.

Let’s just chat about the clock change for a moment: I’m not a fan!

The weather affects my mood hugely. Last Monday, I was genuinely feeling like I could cry. Just because it was just pitch black outside. When the days begin in darkness and end in darkness, I feel like I’m running out of time, like I have zero time to do anything at all.

And I don’t like the dark. I’m not afraid of the dark, as in I don’t sleep with the lights on or anything, but I don’t like it being dark outside. Everything seems a little more uncertain. I’m very on edge. I’m not a fan. And commuting home seems more stressful in the dark!

I’m hoping that the Christmas lights switch-on on Oxford Street (where I work), which I think is around now, might help with that.

Instead of thinking ‘it’s so dark’, I can think ‘I’m so excited about Christmas, aren’t the lights pretty?’

And on that note: I’ve done my Christmas shopping!

Well, not all of it.

But as I was heading home for the weekend, I thought I’d get my mum, dad and sister sorted so I could take them home on this trip and leave them there, rather than try and carry them with all the clothes and other things I’d need over the Christmas period when I head home in December!

So big tick for my organisation there! I did get some funny looks clutching my Christmas wrapping paper at Westfield in October but hey, at least I won’t be running round like a headless chicken on December 24th

I’m sure you’ll be a great month, November.

I’ve got a couple of theatre trips planned. Cinema trips. Food plans. Shopping plans. Plans with friends and family. In fact, it’s an action-packed month according to my diary!

Here’s to a good one.


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