10 things I love about December

December is such an exciting month, full of merriment and friends and family, and of course it features Christmas. Here are my ten favourite things about the final month of the year:

  1. Family time. My family are great, simple as.
  2. Advent calendar chocolate for breakfast. Why does chocolate taste ten times better when it’s been hidden behind a cardboard and foil window?
  3. Christmas songs. I know they’re cheesy, but I love them.
  4. Christmas carols. I love singing them at the top of my voice in Christmas services.
  5. Giving presents. There’s nothing nicer than being able to treat the people you care about
  6. Christmas decorations. Everything is so bright and sparkly!
  7. The gatherings. The chance to get dressed up and have a good old catch-up with friends and family.
  8. Christmas jumpers. They’re so warm and so cheesy: perfect.
  9. The mood. People seem so excited, and happy to be heading off for a break from ‘normal life’.
  10. The traditions. There’s something so cosy and comforting about family Christmas traditions.

What are your favourite things about December?


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