The Lodge Hotel, Putney

A couple of weeks ago, we headed for a weekend stay at The Lodge Hotel, Putney. Booked in December as part of a Christmas gift, there had been plenty of time to get excited about it!

The hotel is only a 5 minute walk from South Putney tube station, and near to plenty of nice restaurants and bars if you want an evening out. There's a red telephone box by the entrance, which certainly makes it stand out as you walk down the road, and the entrance is clean, fresh and the look is polished and woody.

The bedroom was fairly small, but roomy enough for the bed, a small table and armchair, a desk, television and wardrobe, Everything was clean and inviting, although there were no features to make it feel extra special - it very much did as it said on the tin. The bed was comfortable, and there was a simple, clean en suite bathroom.

The hotel itself looks like it has been created from a couple of houses, and this feeling is consistent as you walk through to the bedrooms. There were lovely wide staircases as large windows, but it all felt very homely, and each corner you turned felt like walking down the corridor of someone's house.

We ate in the evening at the hotel restaurant, where the food was beautiful. The service, however, was very slow, which was unexpected seeing as we were the only ones in there! It was a stunning setting though, in a dining room with plush chairs and a huge bookshelf covering a whole wall, filled with old leather-bound books.

Breakfast was served in the same area, and although the selection on the buffet was much more limited than many other hotels I've been to, the cooked breakfast elements were clearly of very high quality, which could definitely be tasted and was very much appreciated.

All in all, The Lodge Hotel was a lovely setting for an overnight stay, but there was nothing that gave it that real 'wow' factor. It did seem very quiet the whole time we were there, which did make me wonder if previous visitors have felt the same.

If you're looking to stay somewhere in the area though, and you want to be sure you'll be comfortable, relaxed, and enjoy a good night's sleep at a reasonable price (by London standards!), it's one to consider.


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