Hello, July 2016

Hello, July.

I’m really, really glad to see you.

You’ve always been my favourite month, my birthday month, my happy month.

June was really hard.

In June I hit a brick wall when it came to my anxiety and depression and I had to press reset.

I spent two weeks sleeping, reading, learning.

I returned to work. I’m building up my food intake. I’m building healthy habits. I’m learning to cope.

But it’s been a hard, hard month.

There have been achievements during it and I’ve learned an awful lot, but I’m ready for the fresh feel of a new month.

I’ve come out of June with a new outlook.

Rather than masking my problems and pretending I’m fine, I need to tackle them properly. Fully. For good.

Take on those deep-rooted issues I’ve spent three years just masking and ‘getting on with’.

It’s been hard, and there’s a long road ahead, but long term these changes will make a huge difference to my health and my happiness.

So, July. I’m glad to see you.

I’ve got the best month lined up.

I’m seeing Matilda the musical for a second time, which I love and adore, sitting three rows from the stage.

It’s a theatre kind of month actually, I’ve got three shows on the cards!

I’ve also got my birthday. 24.

My mum’s birthday follows a week after, and she’s coming for a day trip later in the month which I cannot wait for.

A trip from one of my favourites, Jenny, is also happening this month.

I’m exploring somewhere new in my first trip to Brighton and my excitement levels are high for the trip.

It’s basically a month filled with things and people I love, and it’s exactly what I need right now.

I’m really happy to see you, July. I think you’re going to be great.


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