A Day Trip to the Big City

Now I've moved away from London, it has once more become a place for visits and day trips.

I'm no longer doing a daily Central Line commute into Oxford Circus, and I no longer pop to Westfield Stratford mutiple times per week.

Last month, my dad and I hopped on the train for my first visit back to the city since moving.

I had mixed feelings of excitement and nerves - my reasons for leaving were tangled up with anxiety, so of course when I did leave, I was at the height of that.

Fast forward a little and I'm in a different place, and the main nerves were attached to the train journey - another thing to add to the list of things I panic about (but am working through).

I had booked us tickets to Rent the musical at the St James Theatre for my dad's birthday months earlier, and the day finally rolled round.

My nerves in the week leading up to the train ride were high, but once we were on it and moving, deep breaths and podcasts kept me sane. It still amazes me how quick and easy it is to get into London from our local area and it was such a smooth ride.

When we got to Euston, the skies were blue and we decided to take the scenic route: walking.

When you're living in London it's so easy to just hop on and off the tube thinking nothing of it, but everywhere is so walkable and you appreciate the city in a new way.

In the interest of full disclosure, part of the reason we walked was I was too nervous to get on the tube, but that doesn't take away from the fact it was a lovely walk, and we had plenty of time!

The air was cold and crisp but the sun was bright; it was perfect weather to explore the city. We walked from Euston through to Oxord Street, down Regent Street and along to Trafalgar Square. From there, we went through Westminster, before finally emerging at our destination: Victoria.

Pizza Express was calling our name - it's been a firm favourite with our family for years. Re-energised by dough balls, garlic bread, pizza and chocolate fudge cake, we continued on to the theatre.

I've written up a full review of Rent already, which you can read here, but I can summarise it by saying it was easily one of the best things I've ever seen. Anyone who knows me knows that's a big statement to make!

After that, an Uber and a coffee saw us back onto the train, and off home we went.

Day out: success.

First trip back to London: success.

First long train ride in a period of time: success x 2.

I guess I'm starting to teach this anxiety it can't have full control of my life any more...


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