Turning 25

A lot can change in a year.

Never has that applied more to my life than when comparing my 24th birthday to my 25th.

On 7th July 2016, I realised I really needed to change my life.

I had been temporarily signed off work due to my anxiety and depression, and I couldn't eat, sleep, speak, smile or function in a 'normal', day-to-day fashion.

On 7th July 2017, I realised how much my life has changed.

In fact, this week I'm making one of my biggest, most exciting moves to date, and BIG THINGS are happening that have put a massive smile on my face.

(Well, I've got an exam tomorrow but once that's out the way the smile will be glued back to my face!)

What's changed? You can read a bit of a summary I wrote back in February here, but it's been a year of counselling, meditation, yoga, learning to eat again, working out, learning about myself and learning who I need to be spending my time with.

It's been a challenging year in a lot of ways, as I've been learning to completely change habits and beliefs that I've been building up over years, but the challenges are truly beginning to pay off.

I'm seeing huge changes in my mind and body, and I'm spending time with people who make me SO happy, a mixture of old friends and new.

In short, it's been an emotional year, and my birthday offered a great chance to reflect on the changes that have been happening.

I've got a sneaking suspicion age 25 may be one of my very favourite years yet, and I'm throwing myself into it ready to carry on growing and improving and learning about myself every day.


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