Pizza at Piccolino

Sometimes, when you go out for dinner, you want simple food that’s done really, really well. A pizza at a restaurant just has so much more flavour than one you’d buy at home, and that’s what I went for when I ate out with the girls a couple of weeks ago. Anyway, I’m jumping ahead, so let’s start at the beginning…

Piccolino is an Italian restaurant in Bramhall, and one you can rely on to have something for everyone. They have an extensive menu, incorporating pizzas, pastas, fish and meat dishes, and everything I’ve tried has been so tasty. Right in the centre of the village, it has a lovely bar at the front, then opens up into a restaurant, with an open kitchen where you can watch the food being prepared. It’s a favourite spot for many, and I’ve been there a lot, whether it’s just for drinks, or for food as well.

A few weeks ago, me and two friends needed a bit of a catch-up, and went for an early Piccolino tea. I think we were there about 6pm on a Monday, so it was almost deserted when we first arrived, and then began to fill as we ate and chatted.  The staff are all incredibly friendly, and eager to give recommendations and tell you all about the menu. In fact, on this occasion they were a little too attentive, with 4 different people coming to ask how our food was when we were eating, but I assume that’s because it was so quiet.

All three of us went simple – a Margherita pizza for me, spaghetti Bolognese for Helena, and carbonara for Laura. As I said, sometimes you just want simplicity, done well!

All three dishes were really tasty, and we left feeling very full and happy.

Piccolino is a great dining spot for any occasion. On this evening, it was an early tea and catch up for three tired girls. I’ve been for romantic dinners with Andy. I’ve been with groups of friends in an evening. We used to go there for our after-show meal when I did musicals locally. It fits the bill for all of them, and is well worth a visit if you live nearby.

What’s your favourite local restaurant?


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