The Homecoming

Just a quick post to tell you that today I am EXCITED.

That is because one of my favourite pals is coming home! You may remember our trip out for her birthday? Well she's just done 10 weeks of volunteering in Honduras and is now back/in the air on the way back...

She's off to walk Hadrian's Wall next, but we then have lots of summer plans to get on with! 

Which got me thinking yesterday... isn't it interesting how different some friends can be?

Laura has done 10 weeks in Honduras and is going to do 6 months in Peru.

Emily graduated and buzzed off to live in France.

Jagoda is Polish, and always whizzing back and forth between York and Poland.

Anthea has lived in South Africa, Singapore, Germany, and now the UK.

Jen boogied on down to live in Cambridge. I'm fully aware this isn't a different country, but it feels like MILES away when she used to live a couple of minutes away!

And then there's the homebirds.

Alice has done amazingly at her occupational therapy degree in York, but is ready to set up and start working back near home.

Hope is living and working right nearby, impressing the PR world.

I'm working in the village I grew up in, and living about a 10 minute drive away, having come back to the area after graduating from the University of York.

So even just that little collection of some of the wonderful people I call friends shows how differently we all now spend our days. Yet whenever we sit down with a drink and some cake (there's usually cake, it's kind of a necessity) we can natter away for hours.

We're all different for a reason, and I wouldn't have it any other way.


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