‘You’re so brave’

'Now's the time to do it!'

‘That’s so exciting’

‘Do you know what you’re going to do?’

These four phrases have been repeated at me on a loop for the past few weeks.  I guess you could say I’ve made a couple of ‘BIG DECISIONS’.

I’ve left my job, and I’m moving to London.

 I don’t know where I’ll live yet. And I don’t have a job yet. Those things are TBC. They’re works in progress. Determining their answers is the purpose of the next couple of weeks.

I’ve never really put myself in a position before where I don’t know precisely what is coming next. I take a lot of comfort from having plans, from having dates in the diary and concrete goals I know I can achieve.

I didn’t take a gap year. I’ve not been travelling. I feel like I’ve always followed a very safe route, and done what I expected myself to do.

But recently I’ve realised those goals were goals I created a few years ago, and actually those goals have changed.  My overall aims and goals are the same, but I've learned that the path to get there is flexible.

I’m ready to be somewhere totally new, and start the next chapter.

So this is Day One. Satisfyingly, it’s also a new week, and a new month, and I’ve woken up in a mood where I feel  like anything is possible.

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Any tips on the Big City will be much appreciated!

Happy Monday, Happy June, and have a wonderful day J


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