It's been a while

Happy 2017!

It's been quiet on this little blog for a large part of 2016 - it's been quite a year.

I've had some of my very happiest moments and some of my very hardest, and the last six months in particular have been challenging. 

But not challenges I can't beat.

One of my resolutions going into the new year is to write more. Whether it's here, in journals, in emails, or just to keep on my laptop.

When I write, I can work through how I'm feeling. I can focus in a way I can't during any other activity, and shut out more of the anxiety.

So I need to do more of that again.

That's just one of a few positive things I want to spend more of my time on in 2017, but it's the one it felt most fitting to share here and now.

However cliche it may be, this year more than ever before I'm so ready for a fresh start with this new year.

Watch this space...


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