Hello, April 2018

I often spend these posts reflecting on the previous month, but this time I'm just going to look forward.

March was great but I've been looking forward to April for ages. It's one of my favourite months of the year because it really feels like Spring is here and Summer is on the way.

This year it starts with Easter, which means family time. It's going to be a busy, packed month by the looks of things, but full of great stuff.

There's a trip to a city I've never been and to a city I love, to the seaside at the end of the month, a singing workshop with an incredible performer, and a 10 mile charity walk.

We've already planned in lots of time with friends and family and I'm sure more of that will be slotted in as the month actually begins.

I'm also going to spend some time on good old 'life admin' as I have some more hours free thanks to the Easter break from my theatre job. That means I can get some other things ticked off and also that we can get in some good planning for the term ahead, before we get back to rehearsals towards the last part of the month.

I'm currently reading an amazing book called 'The Five Second Rule', by Mel Robbins, which honestly feels like it was written for me. I love finding books like that, and I honestly think her simple rule and concept could lead to some really great things this month.

Watch this space, because I've got a feeling this April is going to be a great one!

Sophie x


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