Wandering in the woods

Yesterday, we spent the morning wandering the woods and it's left me in such a good frame of mind.

There was a viral tweet a good number of months ago now which was something along the lines of 'the things I hated as a kid, I love as an adult'. It gave examples of things like early nights and long walks.

For me, this couldn't be more true.

When I was younger, the weekend suggestion of 'going for a walk' was one of the most unappealing things I could hear.

Yesterday, we actively chose to hunt out a nice country park or area of woodland for a nice Spring walk.

We settled on a short drive over to the Wirral, to Royden Park, next to Thurtsaston Common. To be perfectly honest, I don't know what was the park and what was the common, but I know we did a good walk taking in both!

It was an accidental circular walk, following our noses through the woods.

The skies were blue, and the air was cool but not cold. There was that amazing smell of trees and forest ad ground that's recently been rained on.

There was mud all over our shoes but it didn't matter.

There were dogs running everywhere, every owner offering a smiley hello.

I felt calm.

Calm, relaxed and happy.

It reminded me that it's something we should do much more often. Just wander, stroll, be in nature and not have a time limit or a purpose.

The conversation meandered all over the place, and at other times we were just quiet.

I was one of my favourite Saturdays so far this year and it's made me really look forward to the days getting warmer and brighter.

We all need to switch off, sometimes.

Sophie x


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