London Bound

Over the last seven months, there’s been one particular train route I’ve done a lot of.

Macclesfield to London Euston.

The London trips started with work, and before long I was staying through the weekends too.

I’ve taken the train there for work.

I’ve taken the train there for fun.

For day trips to London Zoo, to Guildford, around Canary Wharf.

To watch shows. To see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, The Book of Mormon, Made in Dagenham.

To hear music, specifically an intimate Pixie Lott concert at Pizza Express’ Strand restaurant.

To visit Wimbledon. To sit in Centre Court and watch Venus and Serena. Federer. Andy Murray.

To spend my 23rd birthday.

To eat. Lots.

To meet new friends, and re-connect with old ones.

And this week, the train journeys will stop (apart from trips home to see the family!)

Because this week I’m moving!

London is the venue for the next little chapter in my story, work-wise and in my personal life.

And I couldn’t be more excited!


  1. Oh you lucky duck, I'd love to live in London :) you'll have to let us all know about your move x

    1. Thanks Rebecca, I'm so excited!! Will be updating here regularly, I'm trying to be more consistent!

      Sophie xx


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