Pressing Pause. Restart Date: Monday

On 29th May, I left my job.

Without a new one to go to.

There were lots of reasons why, which I won’t go into, but the main one was that the role taught me exactly what it was I wanted to be doing. And it wasn’t quite what I was doing there.

I think part of growing up is learning to acknowledge when things aren’t working.

Work will never be perfect, all of the time. All jobs have stressful periods. Most jobs have great periods.

Throughout my childhood, and on into university and graduate life, I’ve taken huge comfort from stability, from always knowing what’s coming next.

I moved through primary school, to secondary school, to sixth form, and straight to university. After university, I got a job, and I’ve been working full-time for the past two years.

But when you leave university, or education at whatever stage you leave it, the world is a big place, and there are so many routes you can follow.

And part of growing up is sometimes not sticking with something because you think it’s the right thing to do, or it’s ok, or it’s comfortable.

I met some amazing people in my last role, many of whom I still speak to regularly and expect to continue to do so.  I learned some great skills and some great lessons.

But my passion lay in another field.

So I left.

I decided to give myself time to throw into the job hunt, and also the move, as I was relocating to London.

That was two months ago, and now here I am: London. And my new job starts Monday. It’s at a company I’ve admired for years. It’s a role I’m so excited about, and it feels like this is exactly where I’m supposed to be for this stage, for this next chapter.

Yes, the end of May was scary, and the weeks without a job and with no money coming in were scary.

But sometimes you have to close your eyes and take a leap of faith.

So wish me luck for Monday, and let yourself be brave in whatever it is you need to do or change.

Happy Friday J


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