North to South: Moving Tips

As you'll know by now, on Tuesday I made the move to London. I have moved in temporarily with a family friend as I hunt for a room to rent.

Today I thought I‘d share 5 things the moving process taught me:-

1. It’s baffling how much ‘stuff’ you accumulate. I had a huge clear-out before the move, and couldn’t believe how many things I’d acquired through last-minute shopping trips, gifts, and things passed on from family and friends. When you have to pack up everything you own to either move with you or be stored, it forces you to take a critical look at what really matters. Bearing in mind I was moving from a spacious flat to a single room, this stage was much-needed!

2. Never underestimate the value of family (or friends) who are willing to help you. My mum helped shift things out of my flat, and with final bits of cleaning. Dad drove Mum, me and all of my stuff the 4 hours to London. My parents then helped unload the car, before pausing for lunch and turning round to drive the entire way home again. They’re pretty great.

3. Being somewhere new is exciting. Unpacking, exploring the area, and getting used to a new routine, and a new living space. It’s also a lot to take in at once; this evening I got stuck in the bathroom as I hadn’t been warned about the ‘temperamental door’. Luckily, a housemate was in to help me out!

4. If you’re organised, it’s not TOO stressful. Ok, it’s stressful packing up your life and ticking off everything you need to do, but if you’re methodical and pace yourself it’s doable.

5. Make your new space homely and comfy as soon as you can. For me, that means the first job is making the bed. This was a tip from my mum and various other family members when I first moved to university back in 2010. That way, as soon as you’re worn out from moving and unpacking, you can fall into bed and sleep. There’s nothing worse than reaching the point of exhaustion and THEN having to make your bed.

So there we have it. Do you have any ideas or tips you would add?

London, I‘m here J


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