Hello, February

Hello, February.

You've waited patiently; January seemed to last forever.

There's a quote on Instagram at the moment which says '2016 starts on 1st Feb. January was a free trial month'.

This made me laugh, and part of me agrees, but then I realised the miserable month of January was quite a positive one.

I've overhauled my eating habits and am getting more healthy. I've started exercising daily before work. I had the most wonderful weekend away. I went to two brilliant theatre productions.

It could have been a lot worse, let's put it that way.

February, I love the fact you start on a Monday.

There's something so neat about a new week and a new month coinciding, it's always a favourite day of mine.

I feel like this is the month to try and learn to like pancakes.

The month to continue eating better, and working on my fitness.

We're moving towards Spring, and the lighter hours are making a huge difference to my mood.

I've got a weekend away in Kent this month which I couldn't be more excited about.

February, you've taken your time, but I'm glad you're finally here.


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