The importance of escaping London every now and then

I love living in London. It's so different to where I grew up (Cheshire) and to where I went to university (York). There's so much to do in terms of work, culture, socialising and the opportunity to see this amazing city. In many ways, London is great.

But London is busy. It's pace is like nowhere else, and nobody slows down. 

Which is why it can be so important to press pause.

Sometimes, you need to escape the city for the weekend and press the refresh button.

Fresh from a weekend away recently, here are the top five benefits of that weekend escape:

  1. Pause. We're not designed to run at full speed 24/7. Sometimes you just need a break.
  2. Reassess. Time away allows time to think about what you're doing and when you're doing it, 
  3. Reflect. A break from the day-to-day allows you to re-order your priorities, and think about what matters most.
  4. Refresh. Unwinding properly is like hitting the reset button, allowing you to return to London with renewed energy.
  5. Enjoy. Experiences and memories are the most important things to collect, and doing something different from the norm is important to add to those memories.

When you then return to the city, ready to re-join the hustle and bustle and slot back into the everyday, you can fall in love with the city all over again.


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