Wahaca, Westfield Stratford

Before moving to London, I'd never set foot in a Wahaca. After being introduced by friends, it's now reached my favourites list.

The concept is Mexican street food - lots of small tapas-like dishes, which arrive to your table and and when they're ready. Always fresh, the food is of delicious quality.

I've been to the Oxford Circus and Covent Garden branches, but recently headed into the Westfield Stratford branch for the first time.

The Westfield branch was much quieter than the other two usually are, although it was a Friday evening, and we were seated immediately. It has the usual colourful, distinctive decor and huge menus on the table.

Drinks-wise, they offer a huge range from the bar, but  personally always go for the apple juice. They juice about 5 apples there and then in front of you at the bar, and it tastes amazing.

Time for what we ordered.

On this trip, our list was made up of:-

  • Grilled British steak tacos
  • Pork pibil tacos
  • Tender marinated chicken taquitos
  • Chilli quesadillas (V)
  • Chicken wings

The food always comes out piping hot, and is full of flavour. My personal favourite is the chilli quesadillas, which are oozing full of sauteed onions and feta cheese.

I always leave completely full, and so far haven't had chance to taste a dessert - I need to learn to leave a bit of room for the amazing-looking churros!

If you've not been before, and certainly if you're already a fan of Mexican food, I'd get yourself into a Wahaca pronto.


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