That Sunday feeling

I’ve got that Sunday feeling.

If you work Monday to Friday, you know what I mean.

Or you might remember it from your school days.

I’d understand it more if I didn’t like my job or something, but I do!

So it’s not that there’s any real reason for the Sunday dread, other than the fact the weekend is almost over.

Even though there will be another one in a week anyway.

I feel it like a physical reaction, that moment when my brain realises it’s Sunday afternoon.

It’s almost a panic feeling, telling me I’m running out of time.

I watch the time tick over, and it seems to move so quickly in that final part of the weekend.

I’m running out of time.

My free time is almost over.

I’m running out of time to…. What?

Usually, my Sundays are empty.

I have a bit of a thing about keeping them free, or at least the afternoon free, to relax and do nothing before a new week starts.

So I’m not really running out of time to DO anything, because I purposefully set aside the time to DO nothing.

What is it that causes this Sunday feeling, when we know that the week ahead will again follow the same pattern and have a lovely old weekend to round it off again?

Why do you get the Sunday dread when you’re lucky enough to not hate what you spend your weekdays doing?

I don’t even really have a problem with Mondays, it’s Tuesdays I dislike the most but that’s a whole different story.

I wake up on a Monday morning feeling pretty normal, pretty happy. I mean, obviously we’d all rather not wake to an alarm and be forced out of the house, but in the grand scheme of things I’m fine.

But still every Sunday is the same, and I’d love to know how to shake it.

Do you get the Sunday dread?

And if you don’t, tell me your secrets!


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