Let's talk about Instagram

I was really late to the Instagram game – we’re talking 2015 – so am still a newbie and finding my way around.

But I think I’m getting my head around it.

And as so many people had warned me would happen, I’ve fallen in love.

I love Instagram.

One thing that sticks out was an ex-colleague, Sarah, who told me she loves it because ‘it’s really hard to be negative via an image’.

Now of course there are exceptions to this, and I’m not going to go into the whole discussion of real vs fake here, but I agree.

It’s hard to moan or slate anyone or anything with a picture.

When I log onto Twitter there are rants and moans and sadness, and I’m of course guilty of these things too.

But on Instagram, I’m greeted by beautiful images.

Instagram has made everyone a photographer.

With simple edits and filters, the most ordinary of photos take on a gleam of professionalism, and scrolling down my Instagram feed is lovely.

I follow friends, I follow bloggers, and I follow people who inspire me.

I’m greeted by photos of amazing food, of stunning outfits, of beautiful landscapes from all over the world, and of fitness inspiration.

I see Instagram as an inspiring place, and one that lifts my mood.

I follow accounts I love the images on, and of people that inspire and motivate me.

We’re all human and jealousy creeps in sometimes, but 90% of my Instagram reactions are to do with motivation.

Whether it’s meal ideas, outfit ideas, or a kick up the bum to do the workout video I’ve been trying to avoid, I come away inspired.

So I may have been late to the craze, but I get it.

I’m on board.

I’m taking part.

Send me your Instagram names so I can have a nosy!


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