Back to Earth with a Bump

Amazing as being away last week was, you have to return to reality.

On the most part things are good but life has a way of sometimes throwing the not-so-good in your face just to remind you you're back! Last Saturday was one of those days...

  • I got home with a full food shop to find I apparently no longer have a freezer shelf.
  • The cleaner was doing her usual trick of slamming every door and crashing the hoover into everything while talking on her phone at full volume.
  • I had to chase O2 for the FIFTH time about an ongoing issue.
  • I had a frustrating email about an incident from a few weeks ago which I won't go into.
  • I realised I'd spent slightly more than expected this month - not to the extreme, but enough to be annoying as I like to stick to my budget and plans.

Things like this kept popping up all day, as if reminding me that my week away was over.

I guess it's all a case of perspective, isn't it? Things that would normally be a bit annoying are hugely annoying in contrast to the week of relaxation you've just had.

It takes time to settle back into routine and get back into the swing of things.

I think I'm there now.

I've had a week back at work, I've got an exciting event this weekend, and I've got a lot of things lined up for June and July that I can't wait for.

There was bound to be a wobble when I got back home, because the week away was so brilliant. And I think that's the real takeaway here: it was great. The week of nothing was great.

It allowed me to click refresh, and to get back and push on with the everyday (the good and the annoying parts).

That's not stopped me starting to think about when my next little escape will be, though...


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