On Saturday night, I went to a masquerade ball.

It was for a 30th birthday, the venue was stunning, and it was just a wonderful evening.

Firstly, it was so lovely to properly dress up. We often do nice things, but not events where you get the chance to really go all out, wear something new and feel special for the evening. It felt like an escape from the every day, and everyone really went for it. I was surrounded by beautiful dresses and the most incredible masks. No one in the room had let the side down!

There was a three-piece jazz band playing throughout the party, and the evening sun was streaming in through the huge windows.

I had met a grand total of about four people in the room before Saturday night, but 10 minutes in it didn't feel like that was the case. Sometimes, people stick with the people they know, but everyone was so open and friendly and there was a real sense that people spent the evening circulating.

It was a truly special event, and hopefully everything the birthday girl had imagined!

I'd like to order some more evenings like this one, please!


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