From Monday moaning to Monday motivation

I used to sit firmly in the camp of those who hated Mondays.

It's easy to moan that the weekend went too quickly, or be unhappy you're heading back into a working week and to just get caught up on the general opinion society feeds us that Monday is a villain.

The problem is, if you wake up on a Monday morning dreading the day and the week ahead, that's the tone you're setting for your whole week. You're starting everything on a negative note, dragging yourself out of bed and telling yourself you're worn out.

What you tell yourself, your mind believes, so even if you didn't feel too bad when you first opened your eyes, by the time you've complained for a few minutes, you're probably feeling pretty gloomy about the day ahead.

I went through a period a few years ago of tweeting pretty much every morning how worn out I was. I was putting out so much negativity and I ended up feeling even worse, simply because I was telling myself I didn't want to be up and about and getting on with the week.

There's a simple fix to this, and it's all about mindset.

If you decide to view Mondays in a different light, and tell yourself on repeat of this new truth, your Mondays will change.

Start your Monday morning feeling grateful for the weekend you had.

Stop treating Monday like it's something strange and different; it's just another day of the week.

See Monday as a fresh start, a new mini chapter within your month or your year.

Look forward to catching up on the weekends of friends and family.

Think positively about what you can accomplish this week.

Have gratitude for whatever your week holds: does your job make you money? Do you have some great colleagues? Have you made a delicious lunch?

There's something to  be grateful for in every day.

Find it, hold on to it, think with positivity and be grateful.

Happy Monday!

Sophie x


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