Hello, 2018

Well, here we are.


A new year. A new week.

Whether you see it as a fresh start or just another day, here we all are and it's another day, week, month and year to make positive changes.

2017 was a huge, huge year for me. I'm not going to do a long, reflective post because I've done quite a lot of those throughout the year. It was a year of so many huge changes that I had to write as I went along or I'd never have captured it all.

2018 is a year of continuation.

I want to continue to build on this new life.

To continue to enjoy my work and play.

To continue to work on both my mental and physical health.

To make tweaks to improve life at home and life out in the world.

Every new day, week or year offers us another change to make a change. We can do what we've always done, or take a little step towards something different.

I've got a huge list of plans and ideas of things I want to do and achieve this year, so here's a taster of just five of them:

- pass my driving test. I've learned multiple times then chickened out of booking a test.

- conquer my fear of flying. I've not flown for almost six years, thanks mainly to anxiety. This is my year to change that.

- learn to play the keyboard/piano. Deep down I've always wanted to play, and this is my year to really make a start.

- keep trying new foods and repairing my relationship with food.

- get back to running. I've had too many excuses, from moving house to bad weather, and I really miss the point I'd got to with my running. So it's time to dive back in.

I'll keep you posted on how it all goes...

Happy New Year!

Sophie x


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