Magic of the Musicals, NK Theatre Arts

They've only gone and done it again.

I challenge you to find me an amateur dramatics/musical theatre group stronger than NK Theatre Arts, based at Romiley Forum.

Having been in plenty of shows and watched more than I can count, I like to think I've got a pretty keen critical eye when it comes to shows, and NK Theatre Arts just hit the jackpot again and again.

On Saturday night, I went to watch 'Magic of the Musicals', an evening celebrating 30 years since the group began.

I should probably start with a slight disclaimer: I'm usually a bit wary of performances like this. Often, showcase style performances can get a bit samey, or there's such a huge range of ability that it's potentially only enjoyable if you have a friend or family member in the cast.

Neither of those worries needed to be a concern when it came to Saturday night.

The evening was made up of songs taken from all of the musicals performed by NK Theatre Arts over the last 30 years, from Avenue Q to My Fair Lady, Rent to Annie and Footloose to Quadrophenia.  There was a huge cast, and a great mix of solos, duets and huge group numbers.

I enjoyed the little announcements before each song, which nicely traced the thread of the group's history and made it clear just how much success the group has enjoyed.

The audience was seated cabaret-style, around about 10 to 12 long tables, which added a nice atmosphere, and I was lucky enough to be pretty much right in the centre, with a perfect view of the stage.

As there weren't names attached to the list of songs in the programme, I'll stick with song names in this little round-up of my stand-outs of the night, rather than naming some people and not others. I've tried to select my top three group numbers and top three solos, but it was HARD!


Let's Hear it For the Boy - the lead vocals were stunning and the choreography was brilliant and so well executed by every single person

Comfortably Numb - unbelievable harmonies and four extremely strong vocalists

Seasons of Love - one of my all-time favourite songs so my standards were high, but it was beautiful


Anthem - absolutely stunning vocals, emotional and well-controlled

These Are My Children - the sound was outstanding but the emotion sealed this one as a stand-out moment - my mum kept trying to sing it when we got home!

Love Rein O'er Me - very impressive vocals and control when moving between the raspy, rock-style notes of the huge choruses and the smoother sound of the verses.

I think it goes to show just how brilliant the night was that it was so hard to choose only three from each of those categories. What amazes me at NK Theatre Arts is the fact that every time you think you've heard the best vocals or seen the most slick dancer, yet another performer enters the stage who could equally take the same title!

It was a well-planned, well-rehearsed night of brilliant performances.

I'm looking forward to seeing how their next 30 years will see the company grow more and more.

Sophie x


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