One week in: how are those health goals?

At lunch today, we were discussing the idea of ongoing change and trying to judge yourself less harshly.

This is the time of year for goals, resolutions and planning and it's easy to get swept away with the idea you can suddenly change 20 habits and things about your life at once just because it's January.

Realistically, slow change with baby steps is much more sustainable, and habit change takes time and effort.

This all stemmed from the fact I was trying to justify getting a couple of treats in with the weekly shop, or the fact we ate lunch out both yesterday and today.

Until we realised that this week I've worked out five days, eaten mainly very well and healthily and I've been pretty productive.

So all in all, that's a successful first week of January!

I'm very good at beating myself up for one slip up, or for the first 'failure' in a new plan or regime, and it's a surefire way to make yourself feel guilty and negative - not to mention it makes it far more likely you'll just give up on the goal altogether.

One or two less healthy and fresh meals in a week doesn't negate the other however many meals which have been cooked from scratch at home.

I've realised three new things I'm going to stick to, which will make it easier to stick to my health goals this year:

- Look at actions over the course of a week, not just in one single day.

- Focus on what I'm adding in, not what I'm taking out. Add one extra vegetable, or one extra colour to that plate.

- Take rest days as seriously as I take workout days. I worked really hard this week, and rest days are vital to recovery. So instead of seeing them as being lazy, I'm going to take them seriously and feel proud of a rest day in the same way I'm proud of doing a good workout.

Keep going!

Sophie x


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