A Quick Post-Work Dinner Trip: Zizzi, O2 branch

Italian food is always a good idea.

Anyone who knows me knows to suggest an Italian if we're going out for dinner, and there are so many chain restaurants that do it pretty well.

Zizzi is a personal favourite, and after a long work day last week, we headed there for some much-needed comfort food.

It was my first trip to the O2 branch, and I was impressed. Zizzi restaurants have a really distinctive decorative style, and this one is no exception. They always fill the space really well without it feeling crowded.

The open kitchens are always a feature, and I always enjoy being able to see the chefs doing their work.

We started with the garlic and rosemary bread, which I've got to say was much more crunchy than I would have liked, but the flavour was delicious.

The mains we ordered were a classic Margherita pizza (I'm always the simple, predictable one), and a calzone with chicken and spinach.

The food was delicious, and the service efficient and friendly.

When you're heading for an early dinner after work, all you want is food that tastes good, and that comes quickly, and Zizzi more than delivered.

Where's your favourite place for a quick dinner?


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