I'll Do It Later

In many ways I’m a very organised person.

I’m a planner.

My diary is like an extra limb.

I remember ideas, plans, suggestions.

But sometimes (often) there are tasks which I just will not get done.

There are some tasks on my to-do list which send my procrastination skills into overdrive.

It’s such an odd way to be, because there are certain things I put off, but then the organised side of me gets so frustrated and is screaming at me to get them done.

With some tasks, I can’t go to sleep until I’ve crossed them off my to-do list. With others, I’ll transfer them to the next day time and time again.

It’s the way I’ve always been, and it really confuses me how I can be so on the ball with so many things, so efficient and so organised, yet with others I just let the time slip by.

It’s certainly annoyed my parents a fair amount of times over the years!

With certain tasks, I can become the queen of ‘I’ll do it later’.

And it’s so frustrating.

It’s frustrating if it affects anyone else.

And it’s frustrating for me.

I’ll have a stern word with myself to get it done, but I’ll ignore myself.

It’s one of the strangest parts of my personality that I just cannot get my head around.

Do you have any strange quirks or habits like this?

I really want to keep trying to improve on this, as it’s definitely an area to work on.

And so, from now on, when I hear myself saying ‘I’ll do it later’, I need to shout right back at myself:
‘No! Do it now!’


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