No spoilers, please

Today on Twitter I saw a major spoiler for the new episode of Pretty Little Liars.

My first reaction was extreme annoyance – it was released on UK Netflix today so those of us that work during the day can’t watch it until at least this evening.

And it was a big plot spoiler, too, complete with screenshots.

Ironically, it was from someone who always complains about other people tweeting spoilers but that’s another discussion…

And then what did I do?

I got over it.

Just because I haven’t had a chance to watch something yet doesn’t mean I can stop the rest of the world from talking about it.

Yes, people who go out of their way to spoil tv shows and films are NOT NICE PEOPLE, but if someone is tweeting an opinion on something they’ve seen, they have every right to do that.

When I see people ranting and raving on twitter about people ‘giving away’ results on things like X Factor or the Bake Off, it just makes me laugh.

You can’t expect the world to go silent and wait until you personally have caught up on something.

At the end of the day, if a show or event is on at a specific time, and you didn’t watch it then and there, that’s no one else’s problem.

Yes it’s annoying to stumble across a spoiler.

But surely people should realise if you’re trying to avoid a spoiler and wait until you’ve watched something, Twitter isn’t the ideal place to go.

I guess what I’m trying to say is there are bigger things to worry about.

If you can’t watch something live, just avoid places like Twitter for a bit, like you’d ignore the sports channels or newspaper sports pages if you were waiting until Match of the Day to find out the football scores (my dad does this).

The world doesn’t revolve around your tv viewing habits.

If you’re that passionate, plan your evening around it and watch the show live.

If you can’t, a spoiler might just happen.

As a little end-note, please don’t be that person who berates everyone else for tweeting a spoiler, then do it yourself (complete with screenshots) when you do watch things live…

And with that, I'm off to catch up on PLL!


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