When your Baby Sister turns 20

Today, my baby sister turns 20.


Not a baby any more, is she?

That sounds like a 'proper' adult, not a teenager any more.

So, because 20 is a nice, round number and a list is always a good thing, here are 20 things that make her great:

  1. She's strong-minded. 
  2. She's a hard worker.
  3. She 's the best dancer I know (by miles).
  4. She wanted to become better at Spanish, so she moved there for a year.
  5. She throws herself into everything.
  6. She arranged a huge show for Childline yearly from the ages of 11-16.
  7. She's loyal to her friends (even when they're not being the best friends).
  8. She worked hard all summer, sometimes 7 days a week, to save up for a month-long trip to Peru.
  9. She's a great cook.
  10. She's one of the funniest people I know.
  11. She's got her head screwed on and knows how the world works.
  12. She doesn't give up.
  13. She adapts: her situation in Madrid at first wasn't deal, so she changed it.
  14. She goes into schools, running assemblies and workshops for Childline.
  15. She's ambitious.
  16. She does things she's scared of (like crazy adrenaline-filled activities in Peru).
  17. She's fiercely independent.
  18. She's a thoughtful gift-giver.
  19. She's talented at doing make-up, and does it for all her uni friends before a night out.
  20. She's a good driver (even though passing her test took a bit of perseverance at first!)

Happy birthday, little Kitty.

Welcome to your twenties!


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