#xaxphotoaday Days 16-31

January felt like a seriously long month, and I've got to admit to feeling a bit down in the dumps on more than one occasion.

I think the Photo a Day challenge saved my Instagram from being bare and bleak this month, and enjoyed having to think about the prompts every day.

My round-up of the first half of the month is HERE, and here are days 16 to 31:

Day 16: New love

Day 17: Comfort food

Day 18: My mood

Day 19: Cosy clothes

Day 20: On my table

Day 21: New me

Day 22: Winter wonderland

Day 23: Where I slept

Day 24: Together

Day 25: A resolution

Day 26: To do

Day 27: Guilty pleasure

Day 28: Me today

Day 29: Looking up

Day 30: Reflection

Day 31: From where I stand

Let me know your Instagram name if you took part!


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