The Finishing Touches

Before moving to London I had my own flat. A whole flat of my own things, and a space that was fully my own. Now I’m in London, rent costs mean I’m in a shared house, and there’s a lot of adjusting that’s had to be done!

The main differences / difficulties I’ve found are in another post, but I wanted to show some of the ways I’ve tried to make my new space homely, and personal to me.

When you’ve got limited space, it can be difficult to avoid feeling crowded and cluttered. I’m lucky in that my room is spacious, but it’s still only one room.

I tried to make sure I brought enough things with me to give my room those personal touches, without displaying everything I’d had in my flat and ending up drowning in ‘stuff’ there was no room for.

I had a pretty ruthless clearout before moving, so was quite restrained with the amount of decorative ‘bits and bobs’ I brought with me. One reason was car and room space, and the other was that I didn’t know how much storage space I would have in my new place, so I tried to be picky, and honest with myself about what I loved.

So here we go, a few pictures of those ‘finishing touches’ to make my 4 month-old room as homely as possible.


  1. I can imagine it being super difficult moving all your things in to one room. It's a lot different from what you are used to but you have made it look nice and homely and a little place for you to escape the world and relax.



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