My Favourite Musicals

I’m a theatre-lover, especially when it comes to musicals. One outcome of that is that I regularly get asked by friends and family for recommendations, and what my favourites are.

I think I’ve now done it. I’ve come up with my top five. Well, I was aiming for five and ended up with five plus two 'special mentions', but that’s close enough. Three are, in fact, shows which I only saw for the first time within the past six months, which quickly cemented their place in my favourites.

These aren’t in any particular order as ranking them is too hard, but here is my list:


Of course. I love, love, love this show. This potentially wins out in my favourite soundtrack award, and I just love the story. It’s an intricate storyline and so cleverly tells the prequel of The Wizard of Oz. I went with my mum when it first came to London. I went with my friend Rosie and her housemate back in April, and I went in Manchester when it was on tour with my dad only a month or so later. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if I’m back very soon.


Roald Dahl + Tim Minchin + and incredible cast = pure brilliance. The musical of Matilda has all the heart and greatness of the original book, but with even more depth and a soundtrack to rival any. I’m heading for a second viewing early in 2016, as I just need to relive the fantastic production I first saw a few years ago.

The Book of Mormon

A new addition to my list, and you can read my review HERE. It’s hilarious, the music is fantastic, and the cast are one of the most talented bunches I’ve ever seen. Go.

Miss Saigon

After years wishing I could see this on stage, I finally went towards the end of last year and was not disappointed. The songs are stunning and the staging fantastic. It's certainly a more 'classic' musical, full of big ballads, but is a beautiful and heartbreaking story. Read my review HERE.

Les Miserables

An absolute classic, and one I’ve always loved, even more so since performing in it when I was 16. The music is just stunning, and I’m very excited to be going to see this again early next year with my lovely friend Lissie, who I met at the theatre group where we performed it!

Special mention: Memphis

I’m gutted that has come to the end of its London run, and really hope it’s going to tour, or return. You can read what I thought HERE, but a vibrant soundtrack paired with a story that evokes every emotion it’s possible to feel create a fantastic show. Set in 1950s Memphis, Matt Cardle wowed us as an aspiring radio DJ just trying to make his way in life, and fight for the woman he loves.

Special mention: Beautiful

The Carole King musical is a fascinating tale of the song-writing industry and filled me with so much admiration for the woman at the heart of said tale. Song after song is fantastic, and the cast were unbelievable. You can read my thoughts on it HERE.

So there you have it, my top seven.

I’d love to know what would rank among your favourites?


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