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The Reading List #27

I’m fully back into the routine of racing through books, so here’s the latest reading round-up…

Enigma, Robert Harris

March 1943. Bletchley Park. Codebreaker Tom Jericho is dealing with the fact that the Germans have suddenly changed their coding, when his girlfriend Clair disappears.
This was a good thriller, and well-researched when it came to interesting details about coding and the pattern of the war. Although a brilliant novel, for me it didn’t match up to Harris’ other novels, simply because I didn’t feel particularly strongly towards the characters.

Goldfinch, Donna Tartt

Thirteen year-old Theo survives a catastrophe and is taken in by wealthy friends. Throughout the course of the novel, he clings to a small painting that reminds him of his mother, and draws him into the criminal underworld.
I was really looking forward to this one, after it received so much acclaim when it was first released. Yes, it was well-written, and yes the story was clever, but I found it hard work to ge…

14 Lessons of 2014

Those that know me know that 2014 was a year of huge changes for me. A lot can change in a year, and last year, for me, that was more true than ever.

And so, as is the trend at this time of year, I've been reflecting back on what 2014 has taught me, as I get ready to try and make 2015 even better.

Here are my 14 biggest lessons learned in 2014:

1. You can do a lot more than you thought you were capable of if you set your mind to it

2. You can be brave

3. Friends will continue to surprise you, both in good ways and in bad

4. You can move from a point where anxiety was stopping you doing everything, to a point where it's a part of your personality you're learning, slowly, to control

5. You really do feel better where you're putting good food into your body. So get on with it

6. Ditto exercise. Get a wriggle on

7. Continue talking to anyone and everyone. Everybody in this world has
something to teach you

8. Sometimes taking the scariest steps can pay you back with the big…